Why the Epson Stylus® Pro 11880?

The summit of performance in professional colour printing

Improved Ink Technology for Wider Colour Gamut

  • Newly formulated Vivid Magenta and Light Vivid Magenta inks for added vibrancy
  • Accurately reproduce client-specific spot colours in the deep blue-magenta range
  • Wider colour gamut for dramatically improved range of expression
  • Photo black and matte black ink cartridges are simultaneously mounted for easy switching between glossy and matte media
  • Dedicated print heads ensure maximum print quality
  • Superior formulation and three shades of black ensure exceptionally consistent colour balance regardless of lighting conditions
  • Extra large 700ml ink cartridges reduce need for frequent cartridge changes, and is especially advantageous for overnight printing


New MicroPiezo™ TFP Print Head for Outstanding Image Quality

  • 360 nozzles per colour to achieve faster throughput
  • Micro-fine nozzles that precisely place uniformly shaped ink droplets on media without misting or satellites.


New Image Processing Technology for Excellent Print Quality

  • Enhanced halftoning stability is ensured with an innovative new dot-mapping algorithm
  • Even at high saturations, colour gradient smoothness and definition remain beautifully balanced
  • Improvements in gradient characteristics gives smoother colour blending & tonal transitions and rich shadow details


New Auto Nozzle Check System for Improved Reliability

  • New nozzle check system uses advanced ink droplet detection technology to minimise misprinting caused by nozzle clogging
  • Nozzle checks take less than 15 seconds, requires no media, and consumes only a few drops of ink
  • Can be performed before every job or periodically, ensuring improved reliability and productivity


Network Ready to Meet All Professional Needs

  • Fully network ready, with gigabit Ethernet support, with P3 compression, to reduce the load on computers


Convenient Paper Handling with Dual-Tension Roll Feed Spindle

  • Dual-tension roll feed spindle prevents misalignments that can result in uneven feeding and low print quality
  • Quickly switch from normal tension to high tension when using thinner media


Higher Productivity with Intuitive New UI

  • Easier operation and higher productivity with intuitive new user interface for the print driver and settings menus
  • Easily customise media type, page / paper size, and colour adjustment settings for quick access to frequently used print settings
  • Manual colour adjustments can be made via an intuitive new colour circle or traditional CMY sliders


Auto Take-Up Reel for Easier Handling of Continuous Printing

  • Spool your output for easier handling of continuous printing and multiple print media
  • Conveniently use spent paper roll as the take-up reel core


Maximum Savings with Media Barcode Printing

  • Save time and minimise wastage with remaining length and media type barcode printing on partially used paper roll before it is removed