Epson thermal printers have specially designed built-in controller LSIs that enable them to print sharp images in all types of conditions. They instantly calculate the necessary activation time from a variety of factors, including the input voltage, ambient temperature, and print pattern, so that printing is always at the optimal density while operations are fast and energy efficient. As a result, it is possible to print barcodes with high recognition rates and maintain consistent operations. In addition, for countries where paper that wears down the thermal print heads is commonly used, custom print heads are built in to assure reliability.


Many years of experience in high density layout and miniaturization gained through precision manufacturing of watches helped Epson develop the technology to manufacture our unique impact print heads. From the high end to the low end, high quality, high replicability, high reliability, and no maintenance have been achieved through optimal parts design that respond to customer needs. In addition, by finely controlling the activation time in response to ambient temperature and input voltage fluctuations, these print heads offer high quality printing in all types of environments all over the world.