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With over 55,000+ robots installed in factories throughout the world, many of the top manufacturing companies rely on Epson Robots every day to reduce production costs, improve product quality, increase yields and help increase their bottom line. Epson Robots are well known and has a particularly strong track record in the industrial robot market for their ease of use, reliability, performance and overall value. In fact, Epson is the World’s No.1 manufacturer of SCARA robots for 6 successive years*.
With our wide variety of industrial robots and integrated options, Epson Robots provides industry leading Factory Automation products and solutions that are Built to Perform with some of the fastest, most precise robots available on the market today.

Epson Southeast Asia is now seeking partners to promote its robotic solutions in Philippines and Vietnam

If you are an existing Factory Automation solutions provider based in Philippines or Vietnam, we are looking for you!

1) Based in Philippines or Vietnam
2) Minimum 1 year of relevant experience
3) Able to communicate in English
4) Currently providing Factory Automation solutions, preferably in these industry:
  • Electronics assembly
  • Automotive assembly
  • Consumer goods packaging
Expectations to SIs
1) Able to provide pre and post purchase support in the factory automation industry.
2) Able to provide sales and technical support to end customers.

If you fit the above criteria, please fill in the form below in English. An Epson representative will contact you soon after.


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* Market share based on revenue of industrial SCARA robots, 2011-2016. (Source: Fuji Keizai "2012 - 2017 Worldwide Robot Market and Future Outlook").