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Epson x WWF

Epson Southeast Asia partners with WWF to scale marine conservation impact and climate solutions in and around the Coral Triangle. Let’s strengthen the resilience of nature and people, together.

Restoring coral reefs native to Singapore
Restoring coral reefs native to Singapore
Epson Southeast Asia is proud to support WWF-Singapore in its mission to restore native coral reefs in Singapore. Our partnership with the National University of Singapore's Tropical Marine Science Institute (NUS TMSI) is driving marine conservation research and action in the region.
This project focuses on the planting and restoration of native coral species in Singapore, building upon ongoing efforts by NParks and NUS. Together, we are committed to raising awareness of coral restoration and conservation through a range of outreach activities and citizen science programmes.

List of key activities
Citizen Science Programme
We are actively involved in activities that promote coral restoration and conservation, including:
  • Hosting a marine talk for over 170 Epson regional headquarters staff.
  • Volunteering in coral restoration research activities, which involve cleaning, photography and data processing.
Public Outreach and Engagement Activities
Our public outreach initiatives aim to educate and engage the community:
  • On 7 July 2022, an Oceans Showcase Webinar, attended by 66 participants, featured Dr. Jani Tanzil, Senior Research Fellow at NUS TMSI, who discussed the ongoing research project's significance and its contribution to the conservation of local marine biodiversity
  • On 22 October 2022, a dedicated booth was set up at St John’s Island National Marine Laboratory’s Marine Science R&D Open House to educate the public on the importance of ocean ecosystems.

Restoring coral reefs native to Singapore
Mangrove Restoration in Southern Palawan​
Epson has supported the launch of a vital mangrove restoration project in Balabac, Southern Palawan, which commenced on 24 August 2022. This event was attended by the Mayor of Balabac and local media.
The Sulu Sulawesi Marine Ecoregion (SSME), identified as part of the Coral Triangle, is a priority seascape for the protection of critical habitats through effective management of Marine Protected Areas and Other Effective Area-based Conservation Measures. Human activities, like bark tanning, have adversely impacted mangrove ecosystems, making mangrove restoration crucial for the long-term resilience of these habitats and the well-being of local communities.

List of key activities

Environmental Communication Training and Writeshop
  • Imparting advanced knowledge and understanding of environmental principles and conservation initiatives.
  • Local Government Unit (LGU) staff, line agency officers, and community partners participated in the three-day workshop.
Mangrove Restoration Training (7 – 20 January 2023)
  • Conducted comprehensive training comprising mangrove ecosystem lectures, site selection, species identification, mangrove nursery operations, and direct planting of wildings.
Establishments of Bataraza Learning and Innovation Hub (BLIH)
  • Held at the Bataraza Town Center, the event highlighted the project objectives, framework, the significance of the logo, and the roles of LGU and local communities.
  • Organisation of a two-day orientation workshop with Buliliuyan stakeholders to formulate a functional capacity-building plan.
Mangrove Learning Exchange (18 – 20 March 2023)
  • A visit for community partners to exchange knowledge and experiences in managing local resources for the benefit of local communities.

Restoring coral reefs native to Singapore
Rehabilitating Reefs in Alor Marine Protected Area (MPA)​
Epson is supporting the restoration of coral reefs and the promotion of responsible marine tourism in Indonesia’s Alor Marine Protected Area (MPA), an important marine habitat that has faced coral degradation due to fish bombing.
In collaboration with WWF-Indonesia and local stakeholders, we have embarked on reef rehabilitation using the rockpile method. This initiative goes beyond ecological restoration; it also involves local communities in enhancing their livelihoods through dive tourism with restored corals. Additionally, it fosters awareness of Responsible Marine Tourism among staff and the general public through virtual activities and social media challenges.

List of key activities

Virtual Blue Talks (Webinar)
  • An online webinar was organised to discuss “Responsible Tourism” and ways to preserve our nature as tourists.
  • A total of 220 attendees were encouraged to pledge and take concrete steps to minimise the negative impact of marine tourism activities.
#ForChange Campaign on social media
  • Following the webinar, a social media challenge was held in collaboration with to raise awareness on responsible marine tourism and showcase the beauty of marine tourism destinations in Indonesia.
Reward Trip to Kangge Island, Alor (25 – 28 August 2022)
  • A reward trip brought together 3 social media challenge winners, 5 Epson Indonesia staff members, and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to witness the rockpile installation, an effort to rehabilitate coral reefs in Alor.

Restoring coral reefs native to Singapore
Empowering Youth Groups in Mabul Island to be Certified Eco Divers
Epson has supported WWF-Malaysia in rolling out coral restoration efforts using the spider frame method on Mabul Island. Selected Mabul Island youths have been trained and certified as Eco divers to plant coral fragments and monitor their growth, contributing to broader coral restoration initiatives in Sabah, Malaysia.
Since the start of the project, 14 youths from the Island have received their Eco Diver certification, which qualifies them to plant coral fragments and monitor reefs around the Island. In March 2023, following their training, 20 reef stars with 300 coral fragments attached were successfully deployed.
These newly certified eco divers will play a pivotal role in accelerating the deployment of remaining coral fragments and expanding monitoring activities to ensure long-term sustainability of the project.

List of key activities

Site Recce and Introductory Visit
  • Numerous site recce activities were carried out throughout June and July 2022 to identify restoration locations on Mabul Island.
  • WWF conducted a visit on 8 October 2022 to gain insights into the community's perspective on the coral restoration project.
Learning Exchange Workshop (15 – 16 October 2022)
  • Learning exchange workshops were conducted between Derawan Islands MPA and Tun Mustapha Park ( Malaysia)
  • The workshop focused on the coral restoration project at Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, providing valuable insights and best practices for planning, implementing, and monitoring coral restoration efforts.
Coral Restoration Training (15 – 17 March 2023)
  • WWF-Malaysia and Green Semporna conducted a restoration training for 13 youths from Belia IKLIM Mabul Island at SK Mabul Island, Semporna.
  • Experts from WWF provided guidance and information on coral restoration activities using the Mars Assisted Reef Restoration (MARRS) coral restoration technique. At the end of the training, 20 reef stars with 300 coral fragments attached were successfully deployed.
Community Partners Training (19 – 21 March 2023)
  • Reef Check Malaysia delivered the Reef Check Eco-Diver Course to youths from Pemimpin Belia IKLIM Mabul, empowering them with valuable skills to support coral conservation efforts.

Restoring coral reefs native to Singapore
Supporting Coral Restoration Programme at Marine Science and Conservation Camp
Coral reefs in the Sattahip area in Chonburi Thailand have long been heavily impacted by illegal fishing, coastal development-related sedimentation, land-based pollution, and natural events such as storms and monsoons. Additionally, the province has faced moderate pressure from growing tourism and recreational activities.
WWF is actively engaged in coral protection and conservation efforts in Chonburi Province's Samaesarn subdistrict. In collaboration with WWF, we have organised two one-day volunteer trips to the Samaesarn Marine Science and Conservation Camp.

List of key activities

Day Trip to the Marine Science and Conservation Camp
  • A total of 30 volunteers from Epson Thailand participated in the building of frames for the underwater coral nursery, which will be used for the cultivation of coral reefs in the Samaesarn subdistrict of Chonburi.

Restoring coral reefs native to Singapore
Climate Action and Low Carbon Energy Initiative
In a three-year partnership between WWF and Epson, the initiative aims to inspire and foster sustainable practices for Climate mitigation, accelerating the implementation of SDGs in Vietnam. In its second year, the programme focuses on increasing climate awareness and enhancing the facilitation of climate actions to bolster sustainability and climate resilience for businesses.

List of key activities

Guidebook for businesses
  • The "Guidebook for Businesses toward a Low Carbon and Net Zero Future" was officially introduced at the "Climate Change Policies for Private Sector towards the Implementation of Net Zero in Vietnam" workshop on 8 September 2022.
  • This guidebook provides best practices and tips on climate actions for corporations and the general public, supporting their journey toward low carbon development.
Climate Change Policies for Private Sector Towards the Implementation of Net-Zero Workshop (8 September 2022)
  • This workshop, held in collaboration with the Vietnam Coalition for Climate Action and the Vietnam Institute of Meteorology, Hydrology, and Climate Change (IMHEN) in Hanoi, attracted over 150 participants from the Government, private sector, and NGOs.
  • It featured insightful presentations on Vietnam's climate change policies, the private sector's transition toward sustainability, and best practices from Epson for sustainable development.
Post-COP27 Workshop (13 December 2022)
  • Organised in collaboration with the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry-Ho Chi Minh City (VCCI-HCM), this event featured good practices by Epson Vietnam and Pizza 4P's in low-carbon actions and green products, inspiring others to join the fight against climate change.
Podcast Series
  • A series of 8 podcast episodes on climate actions and sustainable development were shared across various platforms, including WWF-Vietnam's Facebook page, Spotify, YouTube, and partners' channels, aiming to reach and inspire the target audience to take action.
Support for Earth Hour
  • In Vietnam alone, Earth Hour 2023 was embraced enthusiastically across 63 cities and provinces through the symbolic lights off event and other activations.
  • Numerous non-governmental organizations, development partners, Vietnam Electricity (EVN), as well as various ministries and agencies joined the movement.
  • In collaboration with MOIT and MONRE and with support from other partners, multiple activities and communication efforts were rolled out. The highlight of the occasion was an annual music event supported by MOIT, which engaged more than 1000 passionate Hanoi citizens to take action for the planet.
  • Over 15 campaigns were initiated and launched by corporate partners in support of Earth Hour 2023 on both online and offline platforms.

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