Passbook Printers Epson PLQ-20D

Epson PLQ-20D Passbook Printer

Reliable, Seamless Integration Makes All The Difference.

      • Specialised Passbook Printer
      • Speed: up to 576 cps (high speed draft)
      • Special slip or form printing
      • MVBF: 7 million lines
      • Print head life: 400 million strokes


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Blazing Fast Speeds
The 24-pin PLQ-20D is fast and versatile, with print speeds of up to 576cps, high-speed paper throughput that enables you to get far more accomplished in a short period of time. Output speeds are enhanced with convenient automatic sheet alignment, automatic print head adjustment and automatic page border features that enable problem-free printing, this not only equates to increased productivity but improved customer satisfaction and reduced cost as well.

The PLQ-20D printers are not only the ideal choice for passbook printing, their versatility also accommodates a wide variety of printing needs. One of the key advantages of the PLQ-20D is the ability to print on a variety of media that is used in financial institutions and government departments. These include passbook of up to 2.6mm thick, banking slips, visas, forms, receipts, tickets and a variety of other official documents. Additionally, a myriad of options are readily available to suit a variety of business needs, including continuous paper feeding, cut-sheets and label printing. The printers also make multi-copy printing simple, with 1+6 copies of carbon printing for data archiving and duplicates.

Reliability That You Can Count On
The PLQ-20D printers are not only fast, they're supremely reliable. Built to last, these robust printers will consistently perform in the most bustling business environments. They have a mean volume between failure (MVBF) of an astounding 7 million lines! This is further enhanced by a high mean time before failure (MTBF) of 10,000 power-on hours and a print head life of 400 million strokes/wire.

Seamless Integration
With its ESC/P2, IBM, WNI and Olivetti emulation, you can easily install the PLQ-20D with dual serial into your existing IT infrastructure. The PLQ-20D come with Serial and USB interfaces. This flexibility enables you to take advantage of specific solutions as your needs grow.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
The benefits of high productivity and low ribbon yield, coupled with low serviced maintenance, results in a much reduced Total Cost of Ownership. Ribbons on the PLQ-20D printers are longer lasting than conventional printers and need not to be changed before a considerable length of time. With a ribbon life of 10 million characters yields, the PLQ-20D ensure enhanced Total Cost of Ownership when compared to typical printers that use ribbons that last for only 3.5 million characters.

Smart Functionality Auto Platen Gap Adjustment
The automated moving platen and roller equipped print head enables the PLQ-20D accept a variety of media thickness. Auto Sheet Alignment Photo Sensors detect and automatically instruct the Paper Feed Roller to realign any mis-fed documents.

Auto Border Function
A paper width detector intelligently enables printing on the same distance from the paper edge wherever the paper is set within the paper tray. Paper widths are also automatically detected to ensure printing at the proper position on the fed materials.

Printing Technology:

Print Method: Impact dot matrixPrint Direction: Bi-direction with logic seekingColour: BlackNumber of Pins in Head: 24 pinsControl Code: PR2 emulation, ESC/P2, WNI 4915 emulation, IBM PPDS emulation, IBM 4722 emulation

Print Speed:

High Speed Draft: (PR2 emulation) 10cpi: 480 cps
(PR2 emulation) 12cpi: 432 cps
(ESC/P2) 10cpi: 480 cps
(ESC/P2) 12cpi: 576 cpsDraft: (PR2 emulation) 10cpi: 360 cps
(PR2 emulation) 12cpi: 360 cps
(ESC/P2) 10cpi: 360 cps
(ESC/P2) 12cpi: 432 cpsNLQ: (PR2 emulation) 10cpi: 180 cps
(PR2 emulation) 12cpi: 180 cpsLetter Quality: (PR2 emulation) 10cpi: 120 cps
(PR2 emulation) 12cpi: 144 cps
(ESC/P2) 10cpi: 120 cps
(ESC/P2) 12cpi: 144 cps


MVBF: 7 million linesMTBF: 10,000 (POH) Printhead Life: 400 million strokes/wire

Print Characteristics:

Character Sets: International, PC-437 InternationalBarcode: PR2: EAN-13, EAN-8, Interleaved 2 of 5, UPC-A, UPC-E, Code 39, Coda bar (NW7), Industrial 2 of 5
ESC/P: EAN-13, EAN-8, Interleaved 2 of 5, UPC-A, UPC-E, Code 39, Code 128, POSTNET

Paper Path:

Manual Insertion: Front in, Front out / Front in, Rear out

Paper Media:

Cut Sheet (Single Sheet): Width to Length: 65 x 67 mm to 245 x 297 mm
Thickness: Min 0.065mm, Max 0.19mm
Weight: Min.52 g/m 2, Max. 157 g/m2Cut Sheet (Multi-part Forms): Width to Length: 65 x 67 mm to 245 x 297 mm
Copies: 1 original + 6 copies
Thickness: Min. 0.12mm, max. 0.53mm
Weight (per sheet): Min.34 g/m 2, Max. 50 g/m2Line Spacing: 4.23 mm (1/6 inch)


Width: Min. 110mm, Max. 241.3mm Length: Vert seam: Min. 85mm, Max. 220mmThickness: Max. 2.6mm (open passbook)Weight: Min. 95 g/m 2, Max. 116 g/m2


Memory Buffer: 128KBEmulations: PR2 emulation, ESC/P2, WNI 4915 emulation, IBM PPDS emulation, IBM 4722 emulationMultipart Copy Capability: 1 original + 6 copies

Supported OS and Applications:

Supported OS: Windows 98 / 2000 / Me /XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10

Dimensions and Weight:

Dimensions (W x D x H): 384 x 280 x 203 mmWeight: 7.7kg


Ribbon Cartridge Black: 5 million characters (LQ 10cpi, 48 dots/character)
10 million characters (Draft 10cpi, 24 dots/character)

Environmental Conditions (Operating):

Temperature: 5 to 35 ˚ CHumidty: 10 to 80 % RH

Acoustic Noise:

Acoustic Noise: 53 dB(A) (w/o MSRW)
55 dB(A) (w/ MSRW)


Interface: Serial I/F (No. 1), Serial I/F (No. 2)
USB I/F ver. 1.1