Since the day we used a tiny piece of quartz crystal to transform timekeeping accuracy, our focus on perfecting even the smallest detail has never ceased. Because in business, details make all the difference.

Our Quartz Crystal Story: How we arrived at where we are today

Back in 1969, the Seiko Astron 35SQ transformed timekeeping as the first crystal quartz wristwatch.

Today, the tiny yet powerful descendants of our first crystal unit give Epson’s products outstanding precision and performance. As one of the world’s leading producers of synthetic quartz, we remain focused on perfecting even the most minute detail in everything we do.

Innovation is in the Details


At the heart of PrecisionCore is a next generation print chip, utilising a 1-micron thin piezo actuator to deposit ink with speed and accuracy.

3LCD Panels

3LCD technology modulates red, green and blue light simultaneously to project brighter and more colourful images.

Force Sensor

Revolutionary Force Sensor
technology enables robots to
perform more delicate functions
than ever before.

Products Made Possible by our Attention to the Details

Business Inkjet Printers

For small offices to large enterprises, where productivity is paramount. Epson delivers superior prints at super-fast speeds.

Large Format Printers

Epson’s proprietary technology ensures exceptional colour reproduction and reliability.


Epson’s super-fast, precise and efficient SCARA, 6-Axis and Linear Module robots are designed to improve product quality and reduce production costs.


Epson provides hard-working, low-maintenance, impact-making projectors for portable, classroom, meeting room, large venue and interactive use.


Fast, easy, secure cloud and mobile scanners from Epson; one-touch scanning to PDF; email and more.

Point of Sale

Receipts, reference materials, ticketing and postal package waybills. Handle all your transactions the expert and reliable way, with Epson POS and Impact Printer Solutions.

Label Printers

From branded product and GHS-compliant chemical labels, to food, healthcare and packaging labels. Epson digital label printers and presses enable you to create high-quality labels, on-demand. Helping you increase productivity and lower costs.

How the Details are Making a Difference to Industries


Epson solutions work cost-efficiently to uplift customer engagement with quick, vibrant printing, captivating projections, augmented reality experiences and innovative transaction solutions.


Epson helps inspire students and supports faculty and staff with dynamic, easy-to-use imaging technology that engages viewers and encourages participation.

Financial Services

In the financial industry, Epson technologies support quick and secure transactions, and operational stability, while adhering to evolving regulations.


Accurate labels and printouts are vital to delivering high quality patient care. With Epson solutions, patients and staff benefit from fewer errors, less downtime, improved productivity and simplified payments.

Public Sector

Simplify your working life and beat budget restrictions. Epson technologies help you spend less time on administration and more time on providing people with the service they need.


Accelerate your production process, improve your operational control and manage your costs more efficiently, by integrating Epson’s manufacturing solutions into your existing workflow.


From timely shipping to inventory control, Epson’s innovative logistics solutions can improve your operational efficiencies and reduce your overall costs.


From front desks and stadiums, to kitchens and concert halls, drive your hospitality business ahead with Epson’s innovative technology solutions.