Epson would like to highlight that there are inks produced by third parties being sold and marketed by unofficial sellers as being compatible with Epson printers, and which may appear to be similar to Epson genuine inks in design and packaging. Such sellers may even claim to have had the third party inks tested and allegedly certified to be in accordance with international standards.

Customers should be aware that Epson does not exercise any quality control over the design and manufacturing processes of third party inks and is unable to guarantee the performance of third party inks. Epson also does not participate or take part in any testing or certification of third party inks.

As Epson genuine inks are specifically designed for Epson printers, and with Epson’s stringent quality control standards, only Epson genuine inks are assured to be compatible with Epson printers.

We therefore urge that, to be assured of the quality of the inks, customers should only purchase Epson genuine inks from Epson Authorized Dealers and Epson’s official online stores on Lazada and Shopee.

Thank you.