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Epson NX1032XS IC Test Handler

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Engineered to Deliver the Most Reliable and Accurate Handler

Developed using leading-edge robot technology, this IC test handler boasts significantly improved performance to support even the most demanding tests.

    • Up to 32 site testing capability
      Testing area from 344mm x 244mm
      Up to 480kgf contact force
      UPH - up to 20,000 (Ambient) & 
      Up to 10,500 (High Temperature)

Simultaneous Multi-site Tests
Maximum throughput of up to 20,000 chips per hour with simultaneous multi-site tests for 32 IC devices and high contact force of up to 4,800N.
Test Hand-independent Heat Press Method
Test chips at temperatures as high as 155°C and reduce jam recovery time.
Convenient Compatibility
Compatible with a wide range of changeover kits for the existing NS series (including adapter compatible changeover kits).

Devices Handled:

Devices Handled: 16-site | 32-site
QFP, TSOP, CSP, WLCSP, BGA, QFN, PLCC, LGA, PGA, Min. 3×3 to Max. 50×50 (Lead pitch: 0.4mm or more) *1

Test Mode:

Test Mode: N/A | 32-site (8×4, X: 40mm pitch × Y: 60mm pitch)
16-site (8×2, X: 30mm pitch Y: 60mm pitch, 40mm pitch × Y: 60mm pitch)
8-site (4×2, X: 40mm pitch × Y: 60mm, X: 60mm pitch × Y: 60mm, X: 80mm pitch × Y: 60mm)
4-site (2×2, X: 80mm × Y: 60mm), (4×1, X: 40mm, 60mm, 80mm)
2-site (Socket pitch 80 mm)
Single (use one side of the 2-site test)
Non-standard pitches can be set by laying out the independent compliance unit with desired pitches

Testing Area:

Testing Area: 344 × 146 mm | 344 × 244 mm

Standard Socket Pitch (mm):

Standard Socket Pitch (mm): X: 40mm Y: 60mm

Heating Method:

Heating Method: Heat Press Method

Index Time:

Index Time *2 (common in Ambient and High Temperature modes): Min. 0.38sec.
Approx. 0.42sec. (wide 4×2, 8×2 layout) | Approx. 2.05sec. (8×4 layout)
Approx. 2.21sec. (4,800N Option) | Approx. 4.35sec. (4,800N Option)

Max. Contact Force:

Max. Contact Force: 1,600N (Optional) or 4,800N (Standard) | 3,200N (Optional) or 4,800N (Standard)

Maximum Throughput (units per hour):

Ambient Temperature: 8×4 and 8×2 layouts: 20,000, 4×2 layout: 15,000High Temperature: 8×4 and 8×2 layouts: 10,500, 4×2 layout:10,500


Binning: Max. 6 bins (Auto 3, Manual 3)


Tray: JEDEC (135.9 × 315.0 mm)

Temperature Accuracy:

Temperature Accuracy: 50 - 90°C ±2°C
90 - 155°C ±3°C

Hot Plate Size:

Hot Plate Size: 220 × 380 mm *3

Handler Dimensions (D x W x H):

Handler Dimensions (D x W x H): 1,580 x 1,940 x 2,000 mm *4


Weight: Approx. 1,200kg

Power Requirements:

Rated Voltage/Frequency/Current: Single Phase 200 - 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 6 kVA