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With a sublimation transfer printer, you can easily make things in-house, from apparels such as sports jerseys and towels to small items such as mugs, smartphone cases, and novelty goods.

Key Advantages of Dye Sublimation Printers

Quick turnaround time for small lot orders

Fast and easy to create customised designs for each piece.

Cost- saving

Stay economical and minimise wastage as you print custom designs on demand.

Fast digital production

Any changes required to the design can be made instantly. Simply modify the artwork and send to print.

What is Sublimation Transfer?

Sublimation transfer is a printing method in which the design is first printed on a special transfer paper using sublimation inks. The design on this transfer paper will then be applied onto the fabric using a combination of heat and pressure. With this method, the ink will be bonded to the fabric, resulting in permanent, vibrant prints that will not fade.

This printing method was traditionally used on polyester fabrics and banners, but can now have a wider range of print applications ranging from mugs to smartphone cases.

Examples of the different print applications

Sports Apparel

Personalised Goods
(e.g. Mugs, smartphone cases)

Home Decor

Sports towel


Aluminium Photo Frame

Steps on creating your personalised product

The process from designing your artwork to creating your product is simple.
Just follow the 3 steps below.

Step 1: DESIGN

Create your design using your preferred design software.

Step 2: PRINT

Using a RIP software, select the appropriate print settings for your design. Print your design onto a transfer paper using sublimation inks.

* Recommended RIP software is Epson Edge Print

Step 3: PRESS

Use a heat press machine to transfer your design from the transfer paper to the substrate. The substrate can be polyester fabric or polymer-coated material such as wood or aluminum.





Flatbed Heat Press Machine

Sports jerseys, fashion apparels





Mug Press Machine






3D heat press machine

Aluminium dog tags, key chains, smartphone casings





Calendar heat press Machine

Soft signages, home decorations

Features of Epson sublimation transfer printer

Trusted Reliability with minimal downtime

Utilises the proprietary Epson PrecisionCore printhead that delivers ultra-reliable printing with minimal downtime.

Outstanding print quality at fast print speeds

The UltraChrome DS ink is specially formulated to produce vibrant colours, intense blacks, sharp contours and smooth gradations.

Comprehensive Epson Total Solution

Enjoy a seamless operation with reliable pre and post sales service.

How to choose a sublimation transfer printer


Ensure that you have the right space to place the printer and sufficient working area.


Know the maximum print size of your print applications to determine a suitable printer.


The suitable printer depends on how often you use the printer.

Space-saving Desktop Model

SC-F530 (CYMK Model)
SC-F531 (Fluorescent Model)
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For Larger Print Volume

SC-F6330 (Compact Model)
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For Enterprise Printing

SC-F7270 (Industrial model)
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For Industrial Mass Printing

SC-F9430 (4-colour model)
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For Industrial Production with Fluorescent printing capabilities

SC-F9430H (6-colour model)
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