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Make your Next Brilliant Impression

Ever visited an art show or fashion show and been wowed by the stunning displays that created the ambience? High brightness projection is used a lot to make powerful, lasting impressions these days. At Epson, we’re glad to be part of the stories that are told through culture, fashion and entertainment.

Bringing Culture to Life

Through Epson’s high brightness projectors, Museum Siam made Thailand’s national identity and history interactive using visual technology like projection mapping. “The main reason we chose Epson was because of the flexibility – to pick from their wide range of lenses to suit the different environments,” Thawatchai Vimolpitarat, engineering consultant and director.

Jazzing Up Fashion Runways

Epson’s high brightness projectors have also impacted the runway. Stunning visual mapping effects were used at a dVIS fashion show in the CentralWorld mall in Bangkok, to convey the designer’s fashion themes. “People said it was the first time that the show felt like a real experience, rather than just a fashion show,” according to fashion designer Pranlapon.

Creating 360 Stories

Epson’s high brightness projectors were used to power the Philippine’s first 360-degree dome at the Star City amusement park, which has become the city’s key attraction. Using five Epson high-brightness projectors and holographic technology, Star City projected images in the dome and a giant book, allowing users to “flip” the pages to tell a timeless, compelling story about a prince, a princess, and a dragon.

The Magic in the Magical Experiences: 3LCD

With its 20,000-hour maintenance-free guarantee*, dust-proof design and reliable laser light source, 3LCD is the core technology that powers the high brightness projectors used to create the above experiences across multiple uses.

* 20,000H life for Laser light source.

Enhanced Image Quality

3LCD has the ability to create life-like projections with bright show and auto colour adjustment.

Versatile Placements

The Wide Lens Shift features an extended vertical lens shift of 60% and horizontal lens shift of 19%, enabling projections in any angle without compromising on quality.

Easy Management

Optimise the performance of your projectors easily from one single PC. Each projector can also be configured and accessed remotely for fuss-free management.

Incredibly Bright, Amazingly Reliable: Epson EB-L12000QNL

Get ready to take the stage and create impressions that last with the EB-L12000QNL high brightness laser projector. Here’s why it works harder to give you the performance you need, while keeping efficiency in mind.

Powerful and Precise

Enjoy outstanding colour brightness of up to 20,000 lumens with spectacular image quality delivered in native 4K resolution1 for best of both power and details.

Reliable and Robust

Keep performing without worries with its triple layered dust-proof structure and 20,000-hour2 maintenance-free3 guarantee.

Flexible and Mobile

Supported by Epson Professional Tools and innovation, take and install it anywhere to suit your projection needs.

1  Native 4K resolution available only on Epson EB-L12000QNL.
2  20,000H life for laser light source: Approximate time until brightness decreases 50% from first usage. Measured by acceleration usage conditions and environments. Replacement of parts other than the light source may be required in a shorter period.
3  No maintenance for the light source required up to 20,000H.

Visit Epson’s High Brightness Page to learn more.


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