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Signages in office and warehouse

With a 50mm label width, create safety or notice signages of quality.


Create labels for outdoor use with vinyl that can last up to 10 years.

Inventory management

Create inventory labels with the BR label roll kit that allows high-volume printing while saving on cost.

Data centre and networking

Identify your cables with the Heat Shrink Tube label and Self Laminating label.


  • Epson Label Editor software compatible
  • Epson BR roll kit compatible
  • For high-volume printing


  • LCD touchscreen panel and keyboard for printing on the spot
  • Epson BR roll kit compatible
  • For high-volume printing


  • Tape width of up to 24 mm
  • Print speed of up to 30 mm/sec
  • Print resolution of 180 dpi /128 dot

LW- Z900FK

  • Tape width of up to 36 mm
  • Print speed of up to 35 mm/sec
  • Print resolution of 360 dpi /384 dot

Mobile Application

With Label Editor and SDK for integrators, get the tools to create complex professional label designs, print them on the go or create label applications to meet your needs.

Label Availability

With more than 800 symbols, 30 frames, 10 recommended templates and unique fonts, get quality labels for different industrial applications in a variety of size and materials.
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